2456774 Thesa

Thesa Leafwalker

NameThesa Leafwalker
Weight114 lbs.
HairLight auburn
SpeciesEowa Lesser Wood Elf
Age58 years


Thesa is a bound protector of the Eowa forest. The elves that have pledged themselves to guard what remains of that ancient wood have mingled their bloodline through the generations with the creatures of the wild and the dryads whose souls are the undying essence of the green land itself. Thesa is a superlative master of the bow. Her garb is naught but mud, moss, and twig; the motley riot of patches of earth and leaf on her smooth, dappled olive skin renders her all but invisible when she is motionless among the foliage. She has remarkable stamina and regenerative properties, so long as she remains within the shelter of the bounds of the Eowa. In the open plains, she is as vulnerable as any to violence, while within man-made structures a weakness overcomes her.


Char Base Lv Cost   Pts   Val Roll
STR10+0( ×2 =0) =1011-HTH Dam2d6Lift100 kg
DEX10+7( ×3 =21) =1712-OCV6DCV6
CON10+8( ×2 =16) =1813-
BODY10+0( ×2 =0) =1011-
INT10-3( ×1 =-3) =710-Percept10-
EGO10+4( ×2 =8) =1412-ECV5
PRE10-2( ×1 =-2) =811-Pre Att1½d6
COM10+8( ×½ =4) =1813-
PD2+0( ×1 =0) =29-Res PD10PD13
ED4-3( ×1 =-3) =29-Res ED10ED12
REC6+0( ×2 =0) =610-
STUN24+1( ×1 =1) =2513-Base150

Notes:  PD = STR / 5  ED = CON / 5  REC = PD + ED  To Hit = OCV + 11 - 2 (or lower)

Movement: run 7 / 14, swim 2 / 4, h. leap 3 / 6, v. leap 1½ / 3


EOWA LESSER WOOD ELF Race package skills (roll 11-)
+2 DEX Movement
(Leaping +1")
(Running +1")
Breakfall Climbing Concealment Knowledge - Area
(Eowa Forest)
Stealth Distinctive Features
(Wood Elf)
Psych. Lim

FOREST GUARDIAN Class package skills (roll 11-)
Animal Handler Fast Draw
Interrogation Knowledge - Area
(Eowa Forest)
Navigation Shadowing Stealth Survival
Tactics Tracking Weapon Familarity
Psych. Lim.
Psych. Lim.

Cost Skill Roll Notes
1 Race package   Eowa Lesser Wood Elf
1 Class package   Forest Guardian
3 Sleight of Hand 13-  
3 Mimicry 13-  
3 Weapon Familiarity: Rapier    
2Language: Common (spoken only)  
13Total skill cost  


Cost Power Description
Archery Mastery Multipower
Poison arrow STR drain
Bramble arrow entangle
Aimed shot enhanced killing
  Healing circle 5d6 healing circle
0 Total powers cost  


0 Money 0 Cu
0 Clothing rough garments
0 Melee weapon rapier (½d6 killing)
0 Ranged weapon recurve bow (1d6+1 killing)
0 Total equipment cost  

Total character cost: 42 (req. 0 disadvantages)


10Distinctive featuresEowa Lesser Wood ElfConcealable with difficulty, noticed (race pkg.)
20Psych. LimitationFear of urban spaces-5 DEX; common, total (class pkg.)
20Psych. LimitationFear of being outside Eowa Forest-3 DEX; common, total (race pkg.)
20Psych. LimitationFear of being outside Eowa Forest-2 DEX; common, total (class pkg.)
70Total disadvantage points 

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