As the Blades began their mission of exploration and adventure, they've picked up and continue to amass enemies; both indiviual enemies and group enemies. The most notable enemies are listed here. Click on each title for a more detailed overview of the group, organization, or individual.

1. The Pax Entropica

Lead by the nefarious Lord of Entropy, the Pax Entropica is a group of dissident humans and monster races seeking to overthrow the tyrannical ruler of the Western Empire and replace the Emperor's brutal dictatorship with a goverment comprised of officials elected by the population. The Lord of Entropy has crossed swords with the Blades only twice, but each encounter has proven to him how dangerous the Blades of Paradigm are and how entirely feasable it is that they could quash the rebellion. He has vowed to end the threat of the Blades of Paradigm for good should they ever again enter the Western Empire.

2. The 13th Hour

When the Damiyo of the Eastern Dynasty realized that the Blades of Paradigm were the group of heroes spoken of by the prophecy, he immediately dispatched the thirteen greatest assassins within the Dynasty to hunt down and eliminate the Blades. The Blades have successfully staved off three of the assassins of the 13th Hour, but there are still ten left scouring the entire continent for the heroes. The Blades know it is just a matter of time before one or more Hour assassins find them and, considering how immensely difficult it was to dispatch three of them, none of the Blades are eager to meet another agent of the 13th Hour.

3. The Cult of Anasi

This large sect, which devotes itself to the worship of and reverence for spiders, has tangled with the Blades on several occasions. The Blades have yet to really learn the Cult's ideology and leadership but they have thwarted a number of Cult plots, sometimes without even being aware of it. Be that as it may the Cult is well-aware of the Blades of Paradigm and considers the group an enemy which must be destroyed.

4. The Viceroys of Destruction

The Viceroys of Destruction are a team of adventurers whom often clash with the Blades when the two teams' goals intersect or overlap. Like the Blades, the VoDs are a famous group in Paradigm and, also like the Blades, are often victims of identity theft. The good news is that the Viceroys of Destruction see the Blades as competition not enemies; a view which is shared by Perimi. As Perimi says "We argue at the dinner table but murder is never on the menu."

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